Joseph Brant Family

Read about ancestors and descendants of Joseph Brant, about his sister Molly Brant and other interesting information about Brant's family and personal life.

Brant Statua

Ancestors and descendants of Joseph Brant

The legacy of Joseph Brant can be found not only in his life accomplishments, but also in the descendant of him and his famous sister Molly. Here you can find out more about his past bloodline and descendant that carried his name into future.

Molly Brants Home

Molly Brant

During the life of this almost forgotten Mohawk woman,Molly Brant played the integral role in the Mohawk nation as aninterpreter, diplomat and leader during the harsh times of American Revolution.

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Sir William Johnson

As one of the most famous pioneers of the pre-American Revolution history, Sir William Johnson managed to play very important role in the relationship between English Crown and the native American cultures that lived in the Northeastern part of America. This is his tale.